The hottest street food in Tel Aviv right now


Have you heard of the three F’s of Tel Aviv street food? Fresh. Fast. Freaking cheap! If you want a good street food experience, this rule can save you the time and stomach ache involved in sorting through loads of options. Then again, so can Tel Aviv’s Cool Cousins who’ve tried them all.

Noa, Fashion Designer

Recommends Hashomer

Great food stand with local dishes, straight from the market. Amazing smells always come from this food stand on one of the corners of HaCarmel Market. There is not a lot of seating space, but don't give up too quickly. Delicious street food served in challah bread or on a plate and a great variety of well-made Israeli dishes.

Lior, Writer

Recommends Abu Hasan 


The Humus, moreover the MASABAHA will take you to another level of consciousness. It’s amazing; everything you heard about it is true. If you miss out on it while in Tel Aviv, you’ve wasted your time. Get the MASABAHA (14 NIS) put some of the green sauce you get with it, and enjoy it with some pita bread and onion wedges. If you get there after 13:00 it might be packed. They usually close at around 15-16, when they run out of hummus. Don’t go there on Fridays after 12:00 unless you like spending time in line. My favorite time of the day to go there is at 06:00, when they open. Great way to end a night out- you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards.

Guy, Digital Advertiser 
Recommends Dabush Shwarma

Dabush is one of the best Shawarma places in TLV. It’s working so hard that there isn't a vender that'll cut up the meat for you, and they use a robotic arm to do it. At daytime, it's a good shawarma, but at 4AM it becomes a delicacy. I'm not gonna tell you what to do before it, but if you finished you're night before 5AM, come have a nice Israeli night dinner with the local mob, at Dabush on 64 Ibn Gabirol. Even if there's a line, don't panic, they're super fast – it takes them 10 minutes to serve 20 people. The line will advance very quickly, and the vender will soon ask you for your order. I recommend taking the pita and not the lafa at this hour, but do what you will, it’s your choice. Tell them everything you want at the moment of ordering, there won't be another chance, and ask for a greasy bag of French fries for only 1 NIS. They have a of salads which always stays fresh, ask for a small plate and load up on the salads.


Amit, Bike Enthusiast
Recommends Sabich Frishman 

Probably the only original Israeli dish. A delicious combination of fried eggplant, egg, and potatoes. Luckily for you, the best place for this dish is located straight at Dizengoff-Frishman Junction, in the heart of Tel Aviv. You can recognize the place by the long queue plodding along outside. A must.

Recommends Hakosem 

HaKosem does what many places fail to do: it does street food in a way that’s just right. Upon arrival, you get a fresh falafel ball, known as a “tranquilliser pill”  and which keeps you calm as you read through the excellent menu. All the dishes served are crazy good and super fresh (even if you come at the end of the day). The atmosphere and the design are meticulous and light dance music is played in the background.I go there and eat something different every time: falafel, shawarma, schnitzel or borek. They’re all really tasty. Don’t forget to get a 'Rimonada' (a combination of lemonade and pomegranate juice) - refreshing and delicious!

Marielle, Student

Recommends Malabiya

A small place right next to the Minzar, which I only discovered last year ('cause I just found out I liked Malabi that year). HaMalabiya, as the name indicates, sells dairy or vegan (!) Malabi and always offers Turkish coffee on the side, without extra charge. This place is open mostly during the day, which means the people who sit there are of a veritable range, from kids who just came back from school, party people who just finished their night or older couples who relish a quick dessert. There's always nice music there like the Beatles or a kind of Balkan music – and on the tables you can find checker boards you can play with. You can get here Malabi, of course. I highly recommend the vegan Malabi, it is much tastier, and you can't even tell the difference. It's a great place for local dessert.

Aviram, Ad Man
Recommends Miznon

The place that invented the new street food, serves the best pita bread sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. It’s veggie friendly too. Once you’ve had one, you’ll be going back every day. Sit by the bar!

Itai, Writer

Recommends Humus Magen David

So there’s this endless Israeli discussion around where to find the best hummus in Tel Aviv, which is usually concluded with some weirdo declaring that everybody’s wrong and the best hummus is actually in an Arab village in the North that they just made up. It is a tedious discussion. Most hummus is good and fresh. This one gets an A+ for the decor. Seriously. It’s like a hummus shrine. I won’t spoil it for you - just go. One of my favourite things here is that there are no servers. You just go up to the stand when you walk in, pay, grab a plate of hummus and sit somewhere in the cool, large hall. I love coming here after a morning dip in the sea, when there’s no line-up, grabbing a cucumber or a tomato at the market and eating them along with my awesome dish (the restaurant doesn’t serve salad but they approve of this addition by turning a blind eye).

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