Start of working in the IT field

information technology specialist

Information technologies influence society at all levels of life: they make everyday life and work comfortable and efficient. At the same time, information technology is developing as intensely as the activity field. They become automated and integrated into all fields of work.

Many young people want to get to work in the IT field. It is natural to since many IT professions are highly paid and in demand. However, not everyone can become a valuable IT specialist. First, everything starts small. In this article, we will tell you about some features of entry-level information technology jobs and learn what prospects beginner professionals in the IT field have.

Working in the information technology field: the first steps

Nowadays, professional activity is becoming more complex and expanding, and new specialties are appearing. Companies need skilled professionals who are trained in the quality processing of information and its systems. If the young specialist is well-oriented in his field and has broad professional interests, the employer will never miss him. However, a person without experience can only start working in the IT field from information technology entry-level jobs:

  1. For a beginner IT specialist, the recruiter position is excellent. This job is perfect for sociable people who are not afraid of busy working days and have developed communication skills. IT recruiting helps firms find the best programmers. The fact is that professionals from that field know how to find the best developers in the company they work for.
  2. Another popular and comfortable job for information technology jobs entry-level is a designer. A beginner web designer often belongs to the humanities and can advance in their career only thanks to his aesthetic taste and dynamic photography. An essential feature of the character of such professionals is perseverance. The work of graphic and web designers is pretty tough, but also very interesting.
  3. There is a common opinion that starting a career in the IT field is perfect for a copywriter job. Competent and diligent professionals who like to work with texts and understand a particular field, can try it themselves. Authors who know a foreign language can look forward to successful career advancement in the IT field.

After gaining experience in the entry-level information technology, the trainee will be able to expand his job and even take a leadership position. Here are some popular positions that beginner IT specialists can count on to provide a responsible approach to work:

  • developer of mobile applications;
  • auditor in the field of information technology;
  • developer of big data models;
  • architect of information structures;
  • interface designer;
  • information systems manager;
  • web analytics;
  • neuro interface designer;
  • back-end or front-end developer.


Today, information and communication technologies have become one of the activities that are developing intensively. Information technology is universal, so no modern company can do without a competent specialist in this field. To start working in the IT field, you should have a lot of enthusiasm and interest in your future profession.

The young specialist will surely achieve great success in his career, but only if he has these competencies. However, he needs to pass all stages of the information technology entry level so that, in the future, he will receive guaranteed career development.