information technology

What are the monitoring tools in cyber security

Network security monitoring is like having a superhero watching over your computer network. It keeps an eye on the traffic and IT systems to make sure everything is safe. This helps IT teams know if the organization’s cybersecurity is strong. For example, if they see unusual changes in who can access what or strange traffic…

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enterprise database

Cyber security and information technology

The development of the world of information technologies has helped all IT professions expand and reach a new level of efficiency. Today, the work of enterprises is closely linked to the results of the world of information technology. So, it needs a higher level of data protection in the workplace. Data security is an essential…

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IT professions

Internship in the field of IT professions

Today, information technology affects all fields of human activity. No company can do without an IT specialist. Even the business needs them, but they are not directly connected with the information technology field. To become a sought-after specialist with a high-paying job, a person needs to get the necessary skills and knowledge in the field…

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information technology specialist

Start of working in the IT field

Information technologies influence society at all levels of life: they make everyday life and work comfortable and efficient. At the same time, information technology is developing as intensely as the activity field. They become automated and integrated into all fields of work. Many young people want to get to work in the IT field. It…

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