Innovation in RPG Games

One of the most popular sub-genres of the RPG genre is the Japanese RPG or JRPG. These games often have very complex stories and gameplay systems. Some of the most popular JRPGs are “Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Quest”, and “Persona”.

Gas station with zero emissions

Houston, Texas is home to Net Power’s first innovation, which name is the Gas station with zero emissions. This technology is based on a very modern turbine. Its dimensions are one-tenth the size of a classic turbine. A room with an area of only 5.6 square meters is needed toRead More

Artificial embryos

Artificially created life may well become a real item. British researchers have successfully conducted experiments on growing a mouse embryo. A person can create a living being without using the method of fertilizing an egg, thanks to the use of stem cells, which in the process should be placed byRead More

Flexible displays

Modern technology allows technicians to develop custom technical devices. One such device is flexible displays. They can change their shape since they contain organic compounds. Thanks to organic, they create their own light in the process of passing an electric current through them. Today, many popular brands make smartphones withRead More

Driver health tracking systems

Modern technologies are being actively improved. Ensuring traffic safety includes in its functionality not only control over the external characteristics of the highway but also the individual physiological characteristics of the driver. Sensitive microsensors are able to track changes in look fixation and the state of a person’s pupils. AllRead More


Today we can turn into reality things that were a fantasy a decade ago. Specialists now use the implantation of those microchips under the skin that contain confidential information. However, improving this area allows us to manage any implants. This makes possible interactions between the impulses of the human brainRead More

Bionic Lenses

Tech corporations are developing cutting-edge medical modules called bionic lenses. They allow their users to regain clear vision. They are an alternative to glasses and contact lenses. This modern medical product has such characteristics as mobility, automatic correction, and focus on distant and near objects. This procedure is completely painless.Read More