Lithium metal batteries

Improving the designs of various vehicles depends on the level of modern technology. Lithium metal batteries also affect this. Performance is an indicator that they are convenient sources of self-contained power. The fact is that the energy density coefficient corresponds to 1 kW / h per liter of volume, which is more than twice that of lithium-ion counterparts. Experts from the MIT Technology Review confirm that charging electric vehicles is several times faster, and the charge lasts more than 80% of the time. In this case, the stability of the coefficients can be maintained for eight hundred working cycles. An organization called QuantumScape, sponsored by Bill Gates, recently released the test results, and the organization subsequently signed a contract with the renowned car concern Volkswagen. The production and sale of electric vehicles using innovative batteries will begin in 2025.

There are also opponents of this technology. They state that the mass production of these batteries will not be successful. They back up their claim that the screening tests were carried out on single-layer cells. At the same time, the multi-layer structure is applied under real-life conditions.