Matrix RNA-based vaccines

The RNA vaccine is one of the most famous developments that have been made by medical professionals over the past decades. There are two varieties of vaccines that have been created using this technology (Pfizer and Moderna). Both are designed to fight the coronavirus. These drugs contain in their composition an inactive or completely inactive pathogen of the virus. Those products that are developed on the basis of messenger RNA are intended for the production by the human body of that protein fragment that is contained in the causative agent of COVID-19. It is he who is instantly attacked by the immune system.

That is why any strong immunity to the pathogen is formed, and the likelihood of infection is minimized. Another advantage of matrix RNA-based vaccines is that they can be easily modified to suit any virus strain. They are also very useful in the fight against such serious diseases as malaria, HIV, malignant tumors, and isopiestic cell anemia.