Bionic Lenses

Tech corporations are developing cutting-edge medical modules called bionic lenses. They allow their users to regain clear vision. They are an alternative to glasses and contact lenses. This modern medical product has such characteristics as mobility, automatic correction, and focus on distant and near objects. This procedure is completely painless.Read More

Voice search and voice assistants

Cloud technology offers a large number of useful services every year. At the same time, voice assistants have become a useful tool in everyday life. The speech recognition function and the manufacturability of neural networks can replace the text set of symbols by almost 100%. This technology is regularly improved.Read More

Computing as a service

The modern development of cloud technologies makes it possible to expand the range of services for the consumer. The Computing as a service project is an interesting technology. Online gaming or online cinema are just two examples of the results of this technology. A subscription allows people to enjoy entertainmentRead More

Green hydrogen

Modern technology is a convenient way to create more sustainable fuels. One such development is green hydrogen. Global corporations are developing the best energy production methods. To do this, they use the most modern methods and use the internal resources of the Earth. To obtain the resources of the planet,Read More

3D printing

3D printing is a process by which you can create real physical objects by a method of overlay of special materials on a computer. 3D printing has become quite popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. It partially replaced the classic production, which previously required a lot of money. With 3D printing,Read More

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The creation of the virtual world is a merit of modern technologies. The virtual world helps people replace the real environment. The user independently influences the virtual world (VR). At the same time, there is AR (augmented reality). It allows people to supplement additional information to the real world throughRead More


This is 5G data transmission technology. It has several advantages: Highest quality mobile broadband. The use of the latest data transmission standard will allow users to gradually make less of a problem in signal distribution (up to one millisecond within the framework of streaming video on online platforms and inRead More

Wi-Fi 6

The latest standards and methods for transmitting information with higher online connection speeds are the result of the rapid development of modern Internet communications. Wi-Fi 6 is a modern technology that allows users to enjoy the fastest internet speeds. It’s even faster than 5G. The supply area for one routerRead More

Protecting Data due to the Data Trusts Model

The exchange of personal information online is a consequence of the development of cloud technologies and electronic document management. Big corporations have been forced to strengthen the level of encryption protocols and the security of official documents for more than one year. Nevertheless, the most effective hardening of confidentiality canRead More


Today, a neural network based on NLP (natural language processing algorithms) called the GPT-3 transform network is the most advanced. It allows healthcare providers to answer people’s most important questions. The neural network of the previous generation called GPT-2 has a hundred times fewer parameters. But even those transformers, whichRead More