Artificial embryos

Artificially created life may well become a real item. British researchers have successfully conducted experiments on growing a mouse embryo. A person can create a living being without using the method of fertilizing an egg, thanks to the use of stem cells, which in the process should be placed by specialists on a microfluidic chip. In this process, the embryo transmits chemical signals as the body develops. These signals stimulated the formation of certain tissues and organs.

This experiment showed only the possibility of reproducing an artificial animal. However, in the future, specialists will be able to create artificial human embryos. This provides great opportunities for growing various tissues for transplantation and ensures the success of unique studies to identify genetic projects.

Nevertheless, this issue has a downside. This is an ethical problem. Many people are convinced that it is not moral to experiment on a human embryo. They also think that such a being cannot be called human.