Gas station with zero emissions

Houston, Texas is home to Net Power’s first innovation, which name is the Gas station with zero emissions. This technology is based on a very modern turbine. Its dimensions are one-tenth the size of a classic turbine. A room with an area of only 5.6 square meters is needed to install such a turbine. This product has a lot of power even though it is small in size. The success’s secret of this product is the efficient transfer of thermal energy when using the supercritical fluid. This small turbine burns natural gas using pure oxygen in a combustion chamber. The only processed product is water vapor combined with carbon dioxide.

In the modern world, renewable sources are very popular. And the Net Power corporation is making big plans for this development. They said that the demand for electricity will grow due to the large-scale transition to electric vehicles. This is why natural gas holds such promise. A person on an ongoing basis may well use power plants of this type since it is efficient and does not pollute the environment.