Hewlett Packard’s diversity and quiet path of innovation

We can identify brands that are popular today. Among them are Samsung and Apple. Other companies are not as popular. But there is such an underrated candidate among them that you are unlikely to hear the rave reviews of millions of people. We mean such a brand as Hewlett Packard. Since HP Incorporated was decoupled from HPE, HPE has been rapidly and successfully developing its business of producing and implementing general printers and laptops. Moreover, HP does not take revolutionary steps, but acts calmly and methodically.

The HP path is an evolutionary path in which each new generation of devices becomes more beautiful, more productive and better. The fact that the brand has managed to gain a reputation of being reliable and proven, is an additional confirmation that you can trust HP devices now and in the future. You can also read about the innovations that Hewlett Packard offers in its individual lines today.

High-end laptops and transformers

This manufacturer has successfully combined aesthetics, compactness and administrative options in its series of Elite laptops for business, which are very popular in the business sector. Each of these models will delight you with its simplicity and convenience, and it will give you a high level of security. Combining technologies like HP Touchpoint Manager and Always On Remote Management helps you manage security and information easily.

Spectre laptops deserve special attention from users. Today, these are the lightest and thinnest laptops from the HP manufacturer. They have a touch display with 4K image support, 6th generation i5 and i7 processors, as well as a long lifespan without charging. Models with an i5 processor can do without connecting to the socket for more than 13 hours. We are sure that this is a great result for development. Models with a screen diameter of 13.3 or 15.6 come into mass production, and you can order models with OLED additionally.

After purchasing one of Hewlett Packard laptops you should not forget about HP Coolsense download. This useful program will help you extend the life of your device by helping you track and control the temperature of your computer.

HP Universal print driver download
Hewlett Packard laptop

2D and 3D printers

New models of PageWide printers continue to help Hewlett Packard maintain leadership among manufacturers of devices for mass personal printing. In this series of devices, there are models for black and white and colour printing. After purchasing them, you should remember to go to any useful site that will provide some fresh and useful PC programs, to HP Universal print driver download. This program helps users not to search for and install particular drivers for the correct operation of HP printers, and it also gives us many additional features, among which is control of ink and toner, as well as their purchase.

HP 3D printers deserve special attention. Their developers have introduced a maximum of innovations. This is why the resulting models cost twice less than their counterparts and please users with high performance. The advent of such devices had a significant impact on the market as other manufacturers had to react quickly and change pricing policies and consider how to compete with similar models of modern devices.

There are other series of devices in which HP showed its skill in the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Among them are monobloc computers Envy and Z Workstation. PC Sprout, which is positioned as a device supporting the so-called presence effect, is a very bright representative of the category of innovation.