Worldwide innovations

Scientific and technological progress is not static, and therefore there are constant innovations in the world. The speed of their introduction s constantly grows. This is primarily due to the active development of technologies that make the world increasingly more and more «digital».

The best global innovations

  1. Grow of mobile Internet speed. Until the last few years, people had no idea that smartphones would be a complete substitute for computers and laptops. But with the introduction of 4G, and now 5G, it’s possible. Humanity is becoming more and more mobile!
  2. If you look at the innovations over the last five years, it’s not hard to see how much more electric cars have been produced. Nearly seven million electric cars are currently in use worldwide, although there were thousands of them five years ago.
  3. Technological innovations have led to the widespread «intrusion» of 3D printing. No one can claim that it’s something incredibly fresh, but then many corporations and small firms could not afford to buy this technology because of limited resources. Today, with the help of 3D printers, people make implants and prostheses, parts for space satellites, cars, and much more.
  4. Artificial intelligence. Organizations that use this development are distributed literally every day. AI is so powerful today that it can write coherent unique texts, and no one can suspect that they were not created by man.
  5. Along with the development of AI, the amount of stored data on the Internet has become larger. If in 2010 there were 2 zettabytes, now it is more than 60! That is, the volume of data has grown 30 times, and innovations have helped to achieve this.
  6. Dynamic implementation of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality. As soon as Oculus appeared in 2012, VR received a powerful boost to development. Now, this technology is actively used for treatment as well as for the training pilots, doctors.
  7. The Internet of things. This is an old one, but not an obsolete one. Its capacity grows with each passing day. Now it’s not just about people’s everyday needs. This technology has become an affordable system even for not the richest townspeople.

There is no doubt that many remarkable innovations still exist. Let us not forget quantum computation, blockchains, brain implants, and cloud vaults. But we can’t describe it in a little article.